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Cannabisforum presents its conference program

Cannabisforum presents its conference program
Cannabisforum already has the confirmed conferences of several experts in the world of medical cannabis
Redacción, 19/07/2022

Cannabisforum already has the confirmed conferences of several experts in the world of medical cannabis, its legislation and the different uses and derivatives of this product. The event will be directed and moderated by Marta Rodriguez, expert in quality assurance, GXP compliance, regulatory affairs on pharmacovigilance and medical Cannabis.

On October 6, in the Agropharm room, the round of talks on cannabis and its therapeutic applications will begin. From 09:45 to 11:00 the first round table of the day will be held: "Medical cannabis products, a reality". Roberto Algar, CEO of Curaleaf (Switzerland); Ana Serrato, Executive leader of Eurox-Pharma (Germany); María Concepción Porras, Brand Manager Pharma of Neuraxpharm Spain and Carola Pérez, president of the Spanish Observatory of Medical Cannabis will take part in it. It will be moderated by David Molinero, Director of DEVECAN.

From 11:00 to 12:00 in the morning, several experts from the sector will meet at the table "Medicine and Cannabis: plants, active ingredients and preparations for personalized treatments of the future". In this second colloquium you can listen to the opinion of Josep Allué Creus, Vocal of medicinal plants in the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona, Scientific Director of Sincrofarm and R&D Director at Apdena Consult, as well as professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1989; Álvaro Comas, Co-founder of CanamedicsLabs, expert in API flower production; Dr. Mery Peña Guzmán, Medical specialist in cannabis therapies at Kalapa Clinic and Guillermo Moreno, Global Scientific Director at Khiron Life Sciences Corp. On this occasion, the debate will be moderated by Cristina Ojeda, GXP Business Manager at Azierta.

From 12:15 to 13:15 the cycle of round tables ends with: "Regulatory framework of medical cannabis in Spain. Analysis of new developments and expectations". This last debate will be moderated by Marta Rodríguez and its speakers are: José Luis Martín, lawyer and partner at Baker Tilly; Pablo Sancho Martínez-Pardo, CEO at Medical Plants and president of AECAME; Carlos Ferreiro, CEO at Phytoplant Research and secretary of AECAME and Carlos Enrique Muñoz Sanz, Vocal of Medicinal Plants, COFM.


Cannabisforum 2022 also offers a series of talks focused on various topics that are important to the medical cannabis sector. Starting at 13:15, Carla Sofia Francisco Assunção Dias, President of OPCM, presents an interesting talk on the legal framework for medicinal cannabis derivatives in Portugal. Then, it is the turn of Ruben Garcia, CEO of Cannapro, who will present the evidence on the genetics of medical cannabis. 

In the afternoon, from 15:45, Joao Sena Janeiro, Director of Operations at GreenBE Pharma; will present his speech on the challenges of a GMP cultivation and processing project under the regulatory context of Portugal. From 16:20 to 17:05, Juan Jose Garcia, CEO at Worldpharma Biotech; will address the development of investigational drugs based on cannabinoids. From 17:05 to 17:40, Esther Zamora García, Industry Solutions Manager at BioMérieux Iberia; will make a presentation based on the microbiological risks that exist and how to address them to protect the health of the patient treated with medical cannabis. To end the day, from 17:40 to 18:30, Dijana Hadziselimovic, Technical Services Laboratory Specialist at STERIS Life Sciences, will present the latest developments in disinfection and cleaning when producing cannabis-based medicines.

Any visitor to Farmaforum 2022 who wishes to attend these talks and presentations can register through this link.